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The Feature Gallery is a space to showcase latest works, industry news and artist spotlights.

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National Conservation Lands — Simorka Designs

With 2016 marking the 100 Year Anniversary of our nation's National Parks, the National Conservation Lands is showcasing the nation's beauty through a social media campaign. Their mission is to protect, restore and expand 35 million acres of natural, historical and archaeological sites throughout the country.

See the campaign here.

Simorka Designs New Site Layout

Oh hello!

As you can tell by the title, received a much needed face lift. My first blog post is dedicated to the new features, and to introduce whats in store for Simorka Designs. 

So why the change?

Great question! Over the past year I've gained great insight by using the site to show my work to clients, while keeping up on it's analytics.  The trend I noticed was that people were having navigation problems, hell, I was having navigation problems! Nothing is more embarrassing than showing your work to an AD and getting stuck in a home page loop because the menu bar had a hover state instead of a one click drop down. It soon became clear that people were having trouble getting to the good stuff.

Whats new with the site and whats in store for the future?

I thought you'd never ask!

Cleaner and easier to use main menu. The site has been broken down by Illustration and Web. Making it easier to get to the different bodies of work across the site.

The main menu is much more direct. The site is now broken down into two categories, Illustration and Web. This makes it easier to access the different bodies of work across the site.

New section headers help viewers identified where they are on the site. Also giving a taste of what to expect.

I've added new section headers that allow viewers to identify where they are on the site, while giving them a taste of what to expect. 

Footer navigation helps visitors continue moving through the site without having to go back to a main menu.

New footer navigation helps visitors continue moving through the site without having to go back to a main menu.


Welcome to the biggest overhaul on the site: the new Feature Gallery. I am happy to announce The Gallery will be sharing industry news and artist spot lights, while remaining a space to showcase my latest work and give insight into my process.

So there you have it!

Go check out whats new, and enjoy free downloads peppered throughout the site.


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