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Music You Can Swim To


EP Artwork

The following is a description of the music and artwork from the band.

For over a year, we've been exercising Music You Can Swim To for ourselves, drip-feeding it through our still breathing art blog - no social media, no gimmicks, no "Like"’s - just a total balls in the wind passion project. However, at this transitional point in our development, we’ve realized how important and accessible social media platforms can be. So if you’d like to stay connected with us on the electronic monster we like to call the “internet”, head on over. 

As a testament to opportunity, we finally felt that it was a great time to arrange songs for an EP. Without the headaches and unnecessary hassle of traditional recording styles, this is full of all of those raw, sincere imperfections and hazy moments of the creative process. Each piece represents our passion for capturing what is real. We embrace spontaneity, but also appreciate refinement - a healthy balance of suffering and wonder. 

Our campaign philosophy; be real and be simple. Understand that maybe it'll be shared, and maybe it won't - with absolutely no expectations. Respect peoples’ opinions with humble skepticism. 

This EP was inspired by learning from your roots, your mistakes and the conscious yet unconscious feelings where humans begin to experience wonder. At this crux is where you find the animal side of your mind. Instinct is everywhere. 

Submerge yourself.


All songs composed, produced, mixed and mastered by MYCST. 

Rainbow Kick - mouth noises by Skyler Mudd. Video game menu clicks by -censored- video game. 

Healing in Pink - violin bowing, plucking and strumming by Gabrielle Sukich. Wooden floor, hammer dulcimer and comforting, pink room provided by “Nanny” Williams. Prepared acoustic guitar by Taylor Clark. 

Conveyor Belt - conveyor belt by conveyor belt in -censored- retail store. 4-handed synth by Jason Pavilanis and Taylor Clark. 

Words - cell phone noises by antique upright piano in the Clark household. 

EP artwork by Steve Simorka of Simorka Designs.