Simorka Designs

Stanford University School of Medicine


Web and Mobile Wordpress Layouts

Aimed at providing the latest news and feature articles on advances in medicine and health, Scope is an award-winning blog produced by the Stanford University School of Medicine.

I was tasked with developing the blogs new page templates using Bridge for Wordpress. The sites Home Page was updated from a duel column list format to a modular system, with tiles to indicate the featured articles, editors picks, podcasts and more. This system helps readers to gain access to more content while maintaining a cleaner more structured approach to blogging.

Article pages are cleaner and easer to read. New hero images will make the subject matter come to life with vibrant imagery. Navigating between articles is more effortless with the use of related topics in the left hand column, and popular and supported articles are listed below each featured story.

The blog's archive is easer to navigate with the help of drop down menus that let the user sort by article date. The metadata tag search function helps to narrow their search by specific topics.